FOR the Living School’s creator John Stewart, it has been a whirlwind ride to get Lismore’s newest school up and running.

Mr Stewart, who has more than 20 years of experience in education across the world, said it had been “amazing” to receive such positive feedback from the community.

The new school will feature a culmination of all of Mr Stewart’s years of experience at international schools such as Cambridge, Hill House in London and the Green School in Bali.

“I’ve been taking bits and pieces from all of those years and will put them together for this new school,” he said.

“It really will be a culmination of the best in modern education all rolled into one facility.

“Our focus is to make a place where my family home turns into somewhere learners can come for a quality and flexible education.”

On Tuesday Mr Stewart hosted a day for enrolled and potential students to come and inspect the work underway at the Conway Street campus.

Lismore father Derek McEvoy said he was looking for an ‘extraordinary’ school for his daughter Harvie Rose, 6.

“With the philosophy, environment and learning opportunities John has created here, I really think this will be a perfect place for her,” he said.

Mr McEvoy said while his daughter was not enrolled yet, he was hopeful she selected the school.

“We’re here to get her familiar with the school and so she can decide whether she wants to come along,” he said.

“I’m really hoping she does, because if I had the opportunity when I was in school I know it would have been much different for me.”

While potential families were using the day to inspect works on the school, Mr Stewart said the school has already accepted 62 students for the first year of operation, with more families continuing to enrol.

“We have such gratitude for the community in the way people have come together,” he said.

Children had the chance to get hands on and help plant the school’s edible garden.

Living School’s ‘gardening guru’ Adam McCall said the Conway Street campus will feature a number of gardens to provide foods and plants for the school’s on-site cafe.

He said future students also had the chance to help plant the garden along the front of the building.

“John wanted a community kind of garden, where people can come and help themselves to some herbs or fruits that are growing there,” he said.

Mr McCall said plans for the campus, which is still undergoing construction work, were “really stunning”.

“It’s going to have gardens and trees and it’s going to be a very natural and lush setting for the kids,” he said.

The first term for Living School Northern Rivers will commence in late January.


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